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Mass Spectromery Analysis
Glyco/Protein Mass Spectrometry Analysis by
Best-in-class Scientists and Analytics Platform

Mass Spectrometry Service

CellKey provides a broad range of protein characterization services with an extensive experience in a mass spectrometry analysis. The services include a sample preparation for a mass spectrometry, protein processing (separation, concentration, and hydrolysis), and collection of analyzed data generated by the mass spectrometry. Furthermore, analysis data sets utilizing a best-in-class protein analytics platform can be tailored to suit each client’s needs.

Mass Spectrometry Service

Glycoprotein, found in various biological samples, can be rapidly analyzed with high accuracy using a mass spectrometry. Also, highly complex data sets generated by the mass spectrometry are processed by CellKey’s most advanced Glycopeptides Analytics Platform providing the most reliable results in desired forms.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • N-glycopeptide Identification
    Identification of N-glycosylated proteins
  • O-glycopeptide Identification
    Identification of O-glycosylated proteins
  • Quantification of glycoproteins
    Quantification of glycoproteins of interest
  • Mass Spectrometry
    Orbitrap Fusion Lumos, Orbitrap Elite, TripleTOF 6600
  • Data Analysis
    Glycopeptide Analytics Platform (SpAC9 GA)

Mass Spectrometry Service

Proteins and glycoproteins found in complex biological samples are analyzed using Targeted Mass Spectrometry to provide both qualitative and quantitative results with high sensitivity and selectivity. CellKey thoroughly selects unique peptide/glycopeptide sets from protein/glycoprotein samples clients provided and offers highly credible results of targeted mass spectrometry.

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Verify quantitative proteomics / glycoproteomics results
  • Discovery of protein/glycoprotein biomarkers for diseases
  • Absolute quantitation of proteins / glycoproteins using a internal standard (AQUA)
  • Relative quantitation of target proteins/glycoproteins
  • Quantitative analysis of specific pathway proteins/glycoproteins

Biomarker Services

CellKey’s leading scientists and glycoprotein analytics platform provide best-in-class glycoprotein biomarker discovery and validation services. Our services include analyzing a broad range of complex biological samples using a mass spectrometry and rapidly discovering disease-related glycoprotein biomarkers which enable healthcare experts to perform a precise diagnosis.

Biomarker Discovery

Glycosylation is one of the most promising modifications of proteins in a new biomarker discovery research. Glycoprotein analysis leveraging a mass spectrometry has proven to be an effective method in identifying novel glycoprotein biomarkers. Glycoproteins are differentially regulated in various types of diseases, notably cancers, and provide a vital diagnostic information. CellKey’s leading scientists and AI driven glycoprotein analytics platforms can address key challenges of the biomarker discovery.

Biomarker Validation

Once a new biomarker is identified, validating an analytical method and effectiveness of biomarkers are a crucial step toward clinical applications. CellKey provides a biomarker validation service with extensive experience in mass spectrometry-based biomarker research. The services include an optimized sample preparation, verification of analytical methods, and collection of data using large cohort samples.

Glyco / Protein Analysis Service

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